with apologies to William C Williams

As the crayoncoloring
crawled over
the edge of

the paper
first the right

then the chin
stepped down

into the pit of
the empty



He died a long time ago, if you ask me.At dusk - blue
He gave up after losing you.
That’s what I’d do

I’m taking it as I see it
And you see plenty, babe

The hardest part of all, is finding too late none of it lasts
the sun eventually sets and daytime fades
you know the good stuff’s still hiding in the dark

what happened today
just let it go
she ran away
she isn’t coming back
so just let her go
sometimes I think she’ll just appear
sometimes I think she’ll think I’ve become more loving

Am I making it all up
or am I just losing things.

What do you want me to say
Do you want me to say I’m not here to dry up and live in the past
little more than a fading afterglow
dying a long time ago


Again on the Edge of Where

He Thought He Knewizzle on the path

Where it was he left
Was it walking in the rain
On a road between the
Beginning and the edge

The path from the side
He took and stumbled
Unable to find the lost
Beginning over again

Walking his memories
A dog in harness
Waging its tail growling
Again and over again

feeling his heart beating
Him up ripping his chest
Apart the tingling in his arm
And he is screaming again

The sky is azure blue
He is sure of that, too
Waiting for a cold grey storm
To tumble in over again

Cautiously venturing into
Wherever he thought he
Belonged somewhere between
The beginning and the edge

Again on the Edge of Where

Over My Head

A girl with blond curlsradiator
holds a small red rubber ball.
With a gleam of knowing she
tosses the ball softly

Over my head it bounces
rolling, bouncing, landing, stopping on a stair
Reaching the ball, it moves
rolling off and down
Grasping for it,
there is nothing

no ball
no stairs
no little girl with blond curls
not even a spot of light
coal cold blackness

From nowhere a flash of red
as my eyes flutter open
my father is exhaling deeply
my mother bends a frown to a smile.
“you almost left us,” she says.
I’m feeling my head wrapped tight
and it hurts
“you fell down the stairs
and your head hit a radiator.”

Already I am slipping to blackness.
After recording my first memory
Always I am reaching for that ball
but always finding a radiator

Over My Head

Running On

run said Glurk. Run till your feet hurt and a dragging of blisters wrenches from beneath your skin. Run footprints in stoneuntil your breath is hard to find, having buried itself deep inside your soul, trying to save itself. Run until they catch up to you then smile and say, I knew you would. I knew I could not forever and never was too far away. I’m happy, overjoyed in fact, and quite tickled if you don’t mind, to have you here, because it was far too much work when you were not, when I was alone, when I was trying to be the best, knowing being best is as fleeting as beauty and eventually there is some other better best, prettier best, smarter best, braver best. In the meantime though, I’m sorry, but it’s time to run

Running On