Too Far Away

look, over there, looking through the trees
in the gap between those trees
that patch of yellow stone
can you see the spire?

it’s a church
if you think it is
it’s a yellow birch
if you think it is
it’s just a yellow rock
if you think it is

not till you’re up close
after you’ve covered the
distance between
when you can see
and touch
and feel
and know
will you believe it is
what it is
a church
a tree
or just a yellow rock

Too Far Away

Tasting the Milky Way

This early morning heldstrings of fireflies
the very last gasp of
an exceptionally clear night
where I thought I might
see a star or two, instead
the course of the Milky Way
arose, a beautiful massive
array of blending lights
a trail of lightning bugs
laid out before me
stretching across
this bit of universe
a string or melted mozzarella,
a backyard cheese pizza
so well formed I could taste
the parmigiana and marinara

Heading back inside
the entire Milky Way
followed me to the door
but once inside I saw
I was left to dine alone
on coffee and cold cereal
rather than magnificence.

astonishingly it happened,
for a moment I thought
the dazzling Milky Way
had followed me inside.
Enjoying its splendor
though it was merely
the film on my glasses
it was still gorgeous.

Tasting the Milky Way

Was It Read

no time to write a poem latelythe word read in red
you would think it would be easy
so many poems seem that way
just like some paintings

anyone can get some paint
throw it on a canvas
anyone can take some words
toss them on some paper

anyone can drive a truck cross country
anyone can sell stuff to the masses
anyone can bake bread in the early morning
anyone can do anything they really want

but there’s been no time to write a poem
the wrong words keep landing on the paper
and yesterday there was a drop of paint
it was red or was it read

Was It Read

Leaving It Unsaid

Sitting here readingtwo birds on wires
It’s been two pages
And I don’t remember a word
I am with you
I’ve said all I can say
I love you
But that’s not enough
Not anymore
I don’t know what you want me to say
I don’t know how to go back and fix
Whatever it is I broke
I don’t really know
But you expect me to
You don’t understand
How a man’s head can be cement
How his ears can be clogged
How his heart might not
Beat in unison with another
In this case yours

I haven’t been paying
Enough attention to you
I haven’t wanted to do
Enough of what you do
I haven’t worshipped
The ground you walk


I have.
I have!
I would not be sitting here
Going crazy trying to
If I not paying attention
If not doing things you want
Maybe not worshipping, but admiring

I would not be sitting here
Desperate to know what
I could do different
Better than I have
Short of being with you
Every minute of
Every hour of
Every day

Is that what you want?
I ask
You say

But it is
Isn’t it
You want me to be you
For just as I love me
And you love you
You want me to give upWhatever love I have for myself
And love you only
Only you

You don’t understand though
That I love you more
I want to be with you more
I need what you are
More than my very self

But that’s not enough
So to say
I love you
I love you
I love you
Has no meaning for you
You want me to say
Something more
But neither of us
Really knows what it is
So it shall forever
Be left

Leaving It Unsaid

Lining a Garden

Stones, dragged from the riverstones in a stream
one or two at a time
up over the hill and
down again, following the road
Sisyphus unchained

step after bitter step
blister upon blister
stone stacked against stone
warm gray shadow against
a cadmium green garden

domes and arches and hills
and towers without bells
and terraces and walls
for ants and spiders and ladybugs

while the pain shudders the body
the beauty comforts the soul
waiting for flowers to bloom
and tomatoes to ripen.

Lining a Garden


never last long enough
unless they’re with
your great aunt Miriam
who reminds you of garlic,
old men and dank closets

never last long enough
even if they’re with
your year old nephew timmy
who may have pooped his
diapers or burped on your
shoulder or drooled on you

never last long enough
even if you’re embarrassed
because the cute girl
down the street who’s
too young for you
hugged you much too close and too long and even stuck her tongue in your ear

never last long enough
even when you really want them
to last all night and past
breakfast and lunch and dinner
and don’t seem to stop even for the moments they do

never last long enough
especially when you
want them to go on and on and on
because you like giving
and getting and remembering
the last time you hugged someone
like this and how nice that was too